Operating systems – families

A ranking of operating system families that are used by persons connecting from Slovakia with Slovakian web sites. The ranking is based on the number of page views concerning sites included in the gemiusTraffic study.

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no. name page views - percentage share
19.09 - 25.09.2016 12.09 - 18.09.2016 05.09 - 11.09.2016
1. Windows 58.07% 57.00% 58.31%
2. Unix 41.77% 42.83% 41.53%
3. other OS 0.16% 0.16% 0.16%
Sample Size 376338409 362599143 369078875


Opertaing system – basic software serving as an intermediary between a user and computer hardware. The role of the operating system is to provide a user with environment which would allow him/her to make use of programs.
Page view – an event consisting in displaying of a web page embedded with a correctly executed gemiusTraffic study script.

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